Confirm Jennifer Winget (Maya) return with Beyhadh Season-2 in 2019 Sony

Good news Beyhadh season 2-

Three years agone sony tv most well-liked show ‘Beyhadh’ that in Jennifer Winget was seen in a very possessive look as a ‘Maya’ and Kushal Tandon in the lead role as Arjun Sharma. all over again approaching sony tv.

According to the latest news-

So finally a chunk of reports noisy around regarding Beyhadh Season-2, in keeping with latest news Jennifer coming back with Beyhadh Season-2 shortly in 2019. within the show, Jennifer along with her negative character still managed to her fans on the show. a number of days agone couples of reports out on social media that indicate regarding Jennifer new coming sony TV show. then again not clearly mention that show can return. currently finally here’s a bit of excellent news for fans. the show Beyhadh Season-2 returning on sony tv shortly with AKA Jennifer Winget.

who will play the male lead role-

The show returning on sony tv that in Jennifer taking part in ‘Maya’ once more however nevertheless not clear WHO can play the male lead role within the coming Season-2. additionally 2d most well liked Jennifer show Bapanah, that was ventilated on colors tv. the show had Jennifer Winget as a Zoya, and in the supporting lead role harshed chopda, each ar become famed because of there perfect Jodi. currently Bapanah fans predict harshed chopda in coming Beyhadh season-2 with Jennifer.

Heart touching Jodi-

Their sweet relationship in show touched the fans hearts creating Jennifer Jodi with harshed and it’s become a giant hit. let see WHO can are available in the male lead role in Beyhadh Season-2. if you were to decide on between Harshad and Kushal, WHO would select you and why provide US your answer within the comments section.

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